201511.28 Bratislava Performance at Next w.Thomas Lehn (analog Synth)
 11.13 Berlin Klangwerkstatt Premiere WXYork (for Glissando Flute), Erik Drescher
 11.08 Coimbra Concert at Anozero Biennal
 10.28 Köln Performance for Synthesis and Organic Oscillators w. Luke Fowler Kunstverein
 10.16 Krakow Surprise Audiovisual performance with Carsten Goertz at UNSOUND at 1am peaktime.
 10.15 Lausanne LUFF Festtival
 10.14 Berlin Berghain Kantine Edtions Mego 20 event with EVOL and Thomas Brinkmann
 10.03 Köln Too Long In This Condition at 20 Jahre a-Musik Gebäude 9
 09.05 Kristiansand Punkt Festival, Performance on a kinetic speaker-installation by Aernoudt Jacobs
 08.28 Mulhouse Noetinger/Schmickler/Meirino at Météo Festival
  05.01 Berlin CUBICAL QUAD, COUNTING LATTICE sonic ritual for nine loudspeakers, KunstWerke.
  04.25 Malmö Fortuna Ribbon at INTONAL
  03.14 San Francisco Quadraphonic presentation at The LAB
  01.28 Berlin Fortuna Ribbon as part of CTM at HAU2
  01.23 Paris Fortuna Ribbon at Instants Chavires
  01.16 Berlin Too Long In This Condition at Berghain as part of Art's Birthday with Hayden Chisholm
2015 05.05 Print Article on 'new conceptualism' for MusikTexte
 03.07 Los Angeles presentation at Noise and the Possibility for a Future conference organized by W. Neidich and Goethe Institut LA
 01.30 Radio Broadcast from Berghain concert: Too Long In This Condition 00.05 cet
 01.29 Berlin Psychoacoustics in Artistic Practice panel at CTM with Stefan Weinzierl, Alberto de Campo and Marcus Schmickler (English)
 01.29 Radio Interwiew with Deutschlandradio Kultur "compressor" - CTM-special (German)
 01.22. Düsseldorf Presentation at Institut fuer Musik und Medien
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