2014 03.06. Stanford Bonner Durchmusterung / Multichannel presentation at CCRMA/ Stanford University
 03.11. Los Angeles concert atHuman Resources
 03.13. Chicago presentation at Comfort-Station organized by LAMPO
 03.15. Chicago Multichannel presentation at Graham Foundation, organized by LAMPO
 04.10. Berlin Politics Of Frequency - Record Release Presentation at KW Institute for Contemporary Art
 04.11. Köln Trio Concert Schmickler Nabatov Gratkowski, presented by Reihe M
 04.12. Köln Opening of Semiotic Chora / Copula E, Sound-Installation for Cologne Philharmonic
 04.23. Santa Barbara Octophonic Presentation at CREATEUCSB
 05.10. Los Angeles 3 channel presentation at Mata Noise
 05.30. Bergen Multichannel presentation with Thomas Lehn / Jazzfest
 06.09. Moers Quadrophonic presentation with Jaki Liebezeit, Moers-Festival
 08.22. Berlin Multichannel presentation with Thomas Lehn / concepts of doing
 10.16. Chelyabinsk Concert with Chamberorchestra "Klassika"
 11.07. New York Premiere of Fokker Bifurcations for Yarn/Wire ISSUE Project Room
 12.09. Köln Rule of Inference and Electronic Music at musikFarbik as part of "Departure"
2014 01.27. Los Angeles Presentation at composer's forum, CALARTS
 02.13. Santa Barbara CREATE Artist talk
 04.14 New Release: Marcus Schmickler/ Julian Rohrhuber 'POLITIKEN DER FREQUENZ' (Tochnit Aleph / editions Mego)
 06.09 TV Concert Marcus Schmickler / Jaki Liebezeit on Arte TV
 12.12. Radio Premiere of COPULA E / Sprachlabor at WDR3 Studio Akustische Kunst / livestream 11pm cet.
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